“Haunted Gold” Out Today On iTunes…

10, Apr 2012

It is the shining dawn of April 10th. Aurum. Gold in Latin or Au in the periodic table. Incidentally, we are now periodically able to announce that “Haunted Gold” is out today on iTunes (should you want your very own piece of spooky precious metal in musical form). Furthermore, we would like to extend our thanks to this collection of wonderfolk for their kind words about “Haunted Gold”; Brighton Source, Cafe Maroon, Just Music I Like, Monsieur Von Pip, Your Music Today, Francesca Ronai, The Culture Of Me, Faded Glamour and top Texan Mike Taylor of The Big Beat. Jolly nice bunch.

Now it’s time to dust off the JX-3P for its next studio outing…


P.S. Be on the lookout for vinyl. It’s coming.

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