10, May 2012
Alternative Great Escape

“Tomorrow, tomorrow…bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be synths…”

Please accept this serenade as a sign of our jittering nervousness and excitement, for what is to be our first live outing since the release of “Haunted Gold” – and, what better way to put our gold about, than to play the Great Escape in Brighton. Not only that, but any folks who happen to be gracing us with their finest dance moves will also get to hear us play the latest track we’ve recorded, “Spectre”. Jolly good. There are lots of other splendid bands on too, such as Labyrinth Ear, who are playing shortly before us. Naturally, the word ‘labyrinth’ conjures up images of David Bowie, which conveniently/tenuously leads us onto this lovingly prepared Great Escape preview from Breaking More Waves where we’re referred to as “eye candy”, a pair of optical Chupa Chups if you will. David Bowie cutout not included. Just as sweet though, is this preview-related prose from Just Music I Like concerning the acts that you should be checking out over the weekend plus this sexy pair of mentions from The Guardian Music Blog and Drowned In Sound. Thanks chaps, we owe you a shandy.

Last but not least, our man about Merseyside Mr. Pip has included “Once Upon A Time” in his latest Pipcast. Very nice of him too. Don’t forget you can still download the track for free from Amazing Tunes if you fancy a spot of heavy breathing of an evening…

See you at the short back and sides,

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