Polly Scattergood & Prints Charming…

14, Nov 2012
"Spectre" prints
“These are our prints…and they are funky.” – Prince, speaking candidly from our collective minds.


Available exclusively from Southsea’s own fantastical pie and music hub, Pie & Vinyl. No purple, spandex or gold symbols in sight though, just glorious plastic wheels of sound, avec buildings from the local area. They are £10 each. That also gets you a signature and a lovely Curxes stamp on the reverse. Spiffing.

Elsewhere, we have been pleased to receive some wheely (groan) nice comments about our recent animated video for “Spectre”. Step forward Artrocker, Breaking More Waves, Deer Brains, Faded Glamour, wizards of Aus It’s My Kind Of Scene, Strong Island and Pompey Pop. We digitally salute you/kiss your faces through the Internet. Not only that, but we’ll be joining Mute’s own treasure Polly Scattergood on her Portsmouth and Brighton dates. More info here or go yonder for tickets.

Righto, back to recording that Christmas song…

Decking the halls with static,

An Animated “Spectre”…

04, Nov 2012
Spectre Still

“It’s like an episode of Mr. Benn with ultraviolence and well-loved records.”

Silver, paper and gold given for glossy ridges of darkness. The Blitz, 1941. Destruction reigns along the south coast. A teardrop becomes a flood. For the struggle, hold on tight. For the spirited and the true, you will never be left to drown.

Cast thine eyes…

Spin cycles,

P.S. If you are the proud owner of a “Spectre” 7”, look at your download slip again…

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