10, Jul 2012
“The church had vanished, salvaging treasured songs. As a witness to lost prayers, from the frail frame I’d born, the town was a victim of its own insides. From wretched lashes, stealth parades, from skulls and ashes she had made…”


A “Spectre” is hovering over us. Here for your ears. Perhaps even the glow of your faces. Ours have been cross-checked with The Guardian this month. Thank you Pippers. We would also like to give our thankers to Killing Moon, for being the first blog to write about “Spectre”.

You can even hear it live tonight – all you need to do is grab a seat inside a monarch’s noggin. It’s a little like ‘Being John Malkovich’ but full of Corgis. Furthermore, the track will be available to download from Friday 10th August 2012 or on a special limited edition 7″ vinyl (all individually numbered) and will be accompanied by a spiffing remix from [STRANGERS]. Get your Tron on.

Until we offer our blog-ness monsters once more,

“She Is A Spectre”…

05, Jul 2012
A Ghostly Apparition...

“…and those who love her know.”

The sea is rising,

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