“Haunted Gold” Animation & Release…

10, Mar 2012
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Is it odd to still hear a scanner whirring as you drift off to sleep? Or bizarre when your toast ends up looking like a rewind button?

Perhaps. Nonetheless, it’s about time we unleashed our sexy flecks upon you all. We present to you…

Not only that, but we have a little declaration to make. “Haunted Gold” will be available on iTunes and other online stores from the 10th April 2012 plus we’ll be announcing news of a vinyl release date very soon. Eyes crossed and fingers peeled for that one.

We’d also like to say a special thank you to Breaking More Waves and Electronic Rumors for their kind words about “Haunted Gold” in their respective bloglands and leave you with a few images from the early stages of (questionable) progress:

Pictured: Inspiration and creative references. There are several sections of the video which pay homage to the work of California-based illustrator Jason Munn, as well as the late, great Barney Bubbles, whose influential designs were featured in the recent Postmodernism exhibition at the V&A. On a slightly different note (pun fully intended), anybody interested in the structure or organisation of sound should definitely grab themselves a copy of ‘Notations 21′, it’s brimming with ideas which challenge the idea of established notation systems and ordered sound; A moodboard-style page, along with a pelvis cutout. It was hard to work out how to get bones from a triangle at first, but we got there in the end.


Post gold-rush?

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