Stockhausen, Aching & Vorderman…

10, Feb 2012

Strange happenings are afoot. An old projector and a book called “Notations 21” are on standby. Everywhere is sparkling. Glittering Earl Grey (tastes awful) and PiL accompany mechanical clicks and whirrs with interjections of light swearing. Numbers. Timings. Machines. Hoovering. Only a month to go until you can see our new track “Haunted Gold”. Follow the progress/inspiration/woe on Twitter

Away from the metallic tea though, we’re thrilled to say that “Haunted Gold” has been getting a little bit of airplay on various radio stations, even as far away as Texas! The Big Beat‘s Mike Taylor¬†played us on Amazing Radio and This Is Fake DIY, Tony Marks gave the track a blast on Juice FM and Robin Seamer (Breaking More Waves) gave it a cheeky spin on the¬†Portsmouth-based Express FM. Keep your eyes and ears alert for more news about other fine alternative music shows playing a bit of our “Gold”…

Always believe in your soul,

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