Haunted Gold…

10, Jan 2012
HauntedStudioPics (5)
That is the only way to describe it. Two words danced around in grey matter and bridged the gap between the volatile year that passed into history and the present day. The festival suitor with the busted shoes. Once in a lifetime and a forest full of giant insects.

On the 28th of December, we took a little trip to the studio to record the first of several new tracks that we’ve been working on. The first of those tracks is “Haunted Gold”, a noisy affair, decorated with distorted ‘Breathy Chiffer’ from the much loved Roland D-50. To left left, you can see some snaps of the sonic dabblings and sofa warming that took place.
More will follow…
Happy New Year,
P.S. A large thank you to Generator for giving us this rather smashing start to 2012 and, as always, the utmost gratitude to our friends at Electricity Club for mentioning us here alongside heavyweights Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Ladytron!

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