23, Nov 2011

We’ve been busy mechanical bees these past few weeks, writing new material and pondering how to get an interesting sound, even resorting to shaking a box of corn flakes. If it doesn’t work at least we’ll be able to eat them – and you can’t do that with a tambourine.

We also thought it was high time we started keeping a record of our favourite things, so from now on there will be regular reads, needs, watches, swatches and general anythings to gaze over. In fact right now, Sci-Fi classic ‘The War Of The Worlds’ is fulfilling our insatiable appetite for an alien apocalypse (c’mon, everyone secretly wants a 28 Days Later or Cloverfield act of God every now and then).

But back in the real world, we’re going to be playing Club Killing Moon on the 30th November at The Bull & Gate in London. Killing Moon Ltd. is a splendiferous label and blog who just happen to be putting out our favourite new band Worship’s debut single (of which we did a remix that you can hear on the audio page). On a remix theme, check out our take on the new single from Strangers, it’s up for free download and is called “Promises”. We promise it’ll be worth it…
Not only that, but all you Sussexy folks can shake your ‘Angel Delights’ with us on Tuesday 29th of November at Komedia in Brighton, where we will be supporting the fabulous Blancmange! The following broadcast is an absolute classic:

If you’re coming along to either date, keep a look out for the strange characters to your left, they’ve been missing from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for decades…
‘Hi Mum’, high hopes and hairdos,

Remember, remember.

10, Nov 2011

There are lots of things to remember in November; little red flowers in a foreign land, a chap with a beard (plus a penchant for explosives) and, crucially, if you’re singing about rain this time of year whilst your guitarist plays an epic solo in front of a church on a cliff top, you probably need an amp and a marquee, just to be on the safe side…

We like to remember things too, like our lost picture houses. Below, you can watch our accompanying visuals for “Spires”, based on the Art Deco cinemas of a 1930s architect from Portsmouth. As yet, the footage is unused, but we thought it’d be nice to share it, as only three out of the seven majestic buildings are still in existence…

Still on a building theme, here’s our friend Lola’s video of “The Constructor” at TEC001 , hosted by The Electricity Club and kindly reviewed here by The Pansentient League. At this point, we would like to say a massive ‘ta very much’ to Chi for inviting us to London and making us a delicious hot brew during soundcheck.

Also on the gig front, that nice fellow Tony Marks asked us to play Juice FM’s New Music Showcase in Brighton. Spindle Magazine had this to say about our gyrations and nerves. Then, if that wasn’t enough, they asked us some questions about who we are and where we’re from. As did Mr. Ach at Killing Moon Limited, although he asked us about baring our bottoms. How rude.

Which brings us to the bottom of this post, and this little gem from Reading-based top chaps Worship, as reimagined by Brighton folk.

Much thankings and kiitos to Slow Show, Just Music That I Like and Breaking More Waves for their mentions of our remix or for generally being lovely.


Stay toasty,

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