10, Jul 2011

Greetings all,

Much to tell from the winding roads of Brighton and beyond. The first instance concerns the number six…

Six is the atomic number of carbon and is a number often used to link one person to another (the old “six degrees of separation”). Number Six is the main character from the cult 1960s television series The Prisoner and perhaps the most common number in nature – snowflakes, honeycomb, legs on insects and so on. Most importantly of all though, 6 is a radio station that is something of a treasure…and we had the pleasure of having our track “Jaws” played on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing show last Sunday. You can download a summer mixtape of featured tracks from the show here. Moreover, the track was played again in the small hours of this morning – get listening in

Prior to this, we were also lucky enough to be mentioned by Robin Seamer of Breaking More Waves on a very special Depeche Mode-themed Now Playing show on BBC 6 Music. Our thanks to both Tom and Robin for giving us a spin!

Finally, some new live dates have been added to our site. See you at the front?

Fond affections,

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