‘VERXES’ Out Now…

03, May 2015

…for your listening pleasure below.

Our thanks to all,

“What You Want” & “VERXES” Pre-order…

29, Apr 2015
What You Want

The time is almost nigh, but before we drop those badly-drawn but beautiful diamonds into your sound-holes, here is “What You Want”, which premièred on Clash Music today. It’s possibly what you need. Or not. Who knows?

Stop, drop and scroll…

Your friends,

P. S. You can now pre-order “VERXES” on Bandcamp…


02, Mar 2015

Excuse the radio silence, we’ve been planning a few things behind closed doors and, at long last, we’re very pleased to announce the release of our debut album “Verxes” – a collection of verxes and choruxes that will be made available on the 4th May as a digital download and preceded by the single “What You Want”.

The track listing is as follows:
1. X
2. Haunted Gold
3. Avant-Guarded
4. What You Want
5. XX
6. Further Still
7. Ghosts
8. Noise Pollution
9. XXX
10. Spectre
11. Run From the Funeral
12. Animal
13. XXXX
14. Valkyrie
15. Pure To Last

A group of live shows will also accompany its release – venues and dates to be confirmed.
A huge thanks to those of you who have stuck with us whilst we pieced this record together. We hope it will be worth your wait.

May the fourth be with you and all that.
R, M & ?

Chrixtmas Cheer*…

10, Dec 2014
Eugene Bond

Good December to you all. It’s that time of year again so here’s a roasted ol’ chestnut to warm you up before the fun really starts next year…

Also, we’ve volunteered ourselves for the new Bond theme, whether 007 likes it or not.

Tranxmission end.

Gathering snowballs,

*may not actually be cheery.

On The Verge Of Verxes…

10, Oct 2014

Mind the (correspondence) gap. If you’ve been following progress on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll already know that we’re in the process of finishing our first long player, “Verxes”. Everything has now been recorded and for you lucky folks along the bottom of the UK, we’ll be testing the new songs out here on Saturday 8th November.

If you happen to be in Italy though (or anywhere near a computer, for that matter), “Further Still” is currently being featured on One More Compilation Vol. 1 over on Amazon. Have a listen to the compilation sampler below…

So, on with album artwork. Here’s an interview with The 405 and one with O Anagrama to read in the meantime…

Rehearxing verxes and choruxes,

“Valkyrie” Out Today…

18, Aug 2014
Valkyrie Online Icon

If, like us, you’ve never been patient, subtle or vacant, then good news – you shall wait no more! “Valkyrie” is out now and it also comes with a pretty storming remix by mutual Todd Terje appreciators Deluxe Flamingos plus an instrumental version (handy for karaoke). Get it all at the link below…   To everyone who’s supported our releases so far (especially through Bandcamp), you’re helping us to finally finish our first album “Verxes”, so thank you. We’re on it. Also, we’d like to extend our trumpety thanks to the following; NMEQ Magazine, Simon Raymonde & Mike Taylor at Amazing RadioBreaking More Waves, Slow Show, A Pocket Full Of Seeds, We Close Tonight, ILovePie, Drunken Werewolf, Brighton Music Blog, SolcofnCircuit Sweet, Fame Magazine, With Guitars, It’s My Kind Of Scene, Independent Clauses, Faronheit, NineT3 and Unpeeled.net.

Horn solo,

“Come Through”…

30, Jul 2014

Our new song “Valkyrie” is now online for your listening pleasure, having premiered on Clash Music yesterday…

Available to pre-order here.

Thankyries also to Electronic Rumors, Women In Music and our favourite Thomas the Tank Engine voiceover, Andy Von Pip of The Von Pip Musical Express.


“Bless you.”

“Thank you.”


P.S. If you or someone you know likes tiny record sleeves, you’re in luck!


21, Jul 2014
Valkyrie Final Artwork

I’ve never been patient, subtle or vacant…

Any piece of leisurely mind,

P.S. We have also been confirmed for the excellent Southsea Fest. Tickets available here.


O New Music, Where Art Thou?

15, May 2014

Mayday! Mayday! Oh right, we’ve already missed that. Well anyway (awkward), we’re heading back into the studio this month and playing a few small gigs on one of our home turfs (turves?) to road-test that new material we mentioned last time. One of those live dates is on Sunday 25th May at the Wedgewood Rooms with The Octopus Project and after that, we’re off to the Isle of Wight, at some festival you might’ve heard of (see the right hand “Tour dates” column)…

Before we run off to yelp and hit things though, we’d just like to thank Breaking More Waves, Brighton Music Blog, Electricity Club and It’s My Kind Of Scene for their “Precurxor” love. Also, we’re about two songs away from having a finished album, so thanks to everyone who has bought Precurxor and helped us to get back into the studio (you can get it here if you haven’t – tsk).


P.S. The lovely poster for The Octopus Project gig is by Portsmouth Illustrator Stu Linfield. SO DRAWN. VERY TENTACLES. MUCH ARTZ. Give him a friendly wave.

“Precurxor” Out Today…

10, Apr 2014

We’ve been overwhelmed with all the support you’ve given us for the release of Precurxor (we even made it onto Bandcamp’s best-sellers list!), so thank you. Hopefully some of you should have received your CD pre-orders today as we posted them out a little early (tweet us if you have been visited by the Royal Snail – #Precurxor).

No rest for the wicked though, we’re currently squirrelling away on another three songs to complete our first full-length release…

All seven songs from “Precurxor” are now available to stream on Bandcamp here.

Xhipping time,

P.S. There’s also a splendid preview over at Brighton Music Blog

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